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Engineering Solutions for Acoustics, Noise, and Vibration

Phoenix Noise & Vibration provides acoustical engineering and consulting services to architects, engineers, land developers, and zoning attorneys. We work with our clients to develop feasible solutions customized to their particular issue which can be incorporated into the projectís overall design without impacting other design criteria. Phoenix Noise & Vibration offers a wide variety of design and measurement services for:

Our acoustical consulting staff includes only degreed engineers focused in acoustics, noise, and vibration. Each project is managed by a licensed Professional Engineer (PE) to ensure accuracy and quality relative to accepted industry standards or, when necessary, to a degree higher than the industry standard. We use the most current measuring, modeling, and analysis technology available to ensure that designs and results provide the recommendations and supporting data and information required by architects, regulating bodies, and construction professionals.

We encourage the inclusion of Phoenix Noise & Vibration on your design team from a projectís inception to avoid the significant and unexpected design, labor, and materials costs associated with remedial acoustical design work. While we understand that acoustics do not always come first, it is an important factor in any project. Many times it gets ignored during design and only gets attention when the completed project results in complaints from the end user. Complaints such as hearing the person upstairs using the bathroom (multifamily), the train passing by at 2 AM (transportation), the loud employee on the phone five cubicles away (acoustics), the ceiling shaking from the stomping kids in the unit above (testing and measurement), the HVAC system ambience in the conference room (mechanical), the neighbors AC unit (environmental),
the electron microscope malfunctioning from walking in the hallway
(research facilities), and the lack of speech privacy in the outpatient surgery
room (healthcare). Good acoustics can be achieved, and typically the effort
required to incorporate a few simple design practices into the overall
project outweighs the risk in overlooking them until their poor performance is

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"Phoenix Noise and Vibration was extremely professional and responsive. They quickly became a part of our team."
-Brad Bauernshub, Beazer Homes Corp.