Sound can prove critical to a building’s functionality. Just as the physical layout informs the flow and usability of a room, well-designed acoustics have a significant impact on spaces as diverse as church sanctuaries and recording studios.

Whether in a new facility or a completed structure, we have the analytical background and field experience to provide the full range of room acoustical consulting. For remedial designs, this encompasses measurement of background noise and reverberation time, followed by analysis of factors that include the sound transmission class and impact insulation class of materials. For new plans, we help architects achieve the aural environment that compliments their layout. In every case our recommendations carefully consider the acoustic and aesthetic demands, as well as the budget, of a specific project, while delivering superior sound.

Professional Sound for Professional Spaces

As a part of your design team, we analyze rooms’ layout, size, orientation and surface textures, then recommend the appropriate treatments to optimize acoustic characteristics. These could be as simple as surface treatments or as sophisticated as a floating floor or suspended ceiling that can isolate a room from its neighbors. We’ve applied our acoustics expertise to a wide range of spaces. Among them:

  • Concert Halls
  • Industrial
  • Libraries
  • Music Practice Rooms
  • Natatorium
  • Open Office Plans
  • Podcast Studios
  • Theaters

Whether your project entails musical performances or office chatter, call us today to ensure its sound quality meets the needs of your end users.