Unwanted noise has a direct impact on tenant satisfaction, property value and even the successful lease-up of multifamily buildings. Phoenix Noise & Vibration works with architects and construction companies to review drawings and pinpoint sources of noise and vibration transmission into living spaces. Our engineers then offer solutions that can be integrated into building plans without impinging on other elements of the structure’s design and function.

Our clients in multifamily real estate rely on us for:

  • Review of architectural and MEP drawings
  • Plumbing and HVAC mitigation
  • Wall and floor/ceiling design
  • STC and IIC specifications
  • Construction administration

At the building site, Phoenix Noise & Vibration can ensure your noise strategy is implemented correctly. Improper installation of mitigation products can severely limit their effectiveness, so we also offer construction administration to ensure your design functions as envisioned.

Noise issues often confront existing apartments, townhouses and condominiums as well. Problems can stem from plumbing noise, inadequate STC and IIC ratings in the original construction between units, or sub-optimal placement of mechanical equipment like elevator pumps or rooftop systems. In all these cases, Phoenix Noise & Vibration works with building owners to bring unwanted noise under control.