Construction Noise & Vibration Management

Real-time information is crucial to keeping any construction project on track. At many sites, that includes accurate noise & vibration data essential to meeting code requirements and preventing conflicts with neighboring properties.

Phoenix provides 24-7 noise & vibration monitoring to track sound levels on your construction site. Our technology also can send texts and email when vibration or sound levels exceed limits. Clients can access data 24-7 using our Web-based software during ongoing monitoring. The same software also creates highly accurate records accessible at any time online or delivered automatically on a set schedule. Our degreed acoustical engineers configure the equipment, analyze the data and offer solutions for excessive impact as needed. Likewise, audio recording enables identification of problem equipment and other noise sources for easy remediation.

Our system for construction noise and vibration monitoring is…

  • No capital costs, with all equipment leased for the project’s duration
  • Expert knowledge of local noise codes
  • Customized reporting and alarms
  • Immediate noise alerts by text or email
  • Solar-powered equipment for remote locations
  • Thorough historical records to document compliance and keep stakeholders informed

Real world. Real time. Real smart: We can relieve the burden of noise management and construction vibration monitoring at any job site without an intensive investment of capital or time.