Whether it’s a 200-seat lecture hall or an intimate classroom, proper acoustics enhance the educational environment. This requires careful engineering to control both internal reverberation and external noises, like those generated by mechanical systems and the urban environment outside the building. All of our educational projects meet the strict requirements of the Acoustical Society of America’s National Standard Acoustical Performance Guideline for Schools (ANSI/ANA S12.60). This encompasses a wide range of design parameters to control interior sounds and external noise. As with all our projects, we can conduct comprehensive noise modelling and craft independent recommendations for products and treatments that meet the outdoor-to-indoor transmission class and sound transmission class ratings the standards require. We can also bring our acoustical engineering experience to bear in purpose-built settings, such as school auditoriums and music classrooms. Regardless of the space, Phoenix Noise and Vibration offers the expertise and the technology to ensure voices are heard clearly. Incorporating our services at the start of the design process will help guarantee your educational facility is conducive to learning.